Writing your application in French
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Sell your education, work experiences and skills like a native French speaker.

  • Learn how to create your resume and cover letter in French from start to finish
  • Get a step-by-step guide on how to write an irresistible French application
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I can just translate my resume
and cover letter into French, right?

I bet that’s what you’re thinking!

Well, it’s not that simple… French applications have their own rules and French recruiters will expect you to follow them.

So the best thing you can do is start from scratch.
Of course, writing your application in French can feel daunting…

  • You’re not sure what to write in your French resume and cover letter
  • You have no idea how to create an attractive French application
  • You don’t know how to sell your skills and knowledge in French 
    (I assure you, even French people struggle with that!)

If you truly want to land the job or university of your dreams in France,
YOU need to write an amazing application in French.

Once you do, you’ll reap HUGE benefits!

By creating a unique French resume
and cover letter, you will…

  • Catch French recruiters’ attention easily
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Prove you’re the perfect fit for the job
    or university in French
  • Boost your chances of getting
    an interview with French recruiters

So you see? It’s absolutely worth it!

Don’t know how to write
an amazing application in French?
No worries!

You’ll learn how to impress French recruiters easily, step by step.

With this ebook, you’ll learn how to…

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I’m a native French speaker, born and raised near Paris.

I teach you the French that really matters,
so you can travel and live in France with confidence.

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